The View

When you wake up in the morning and walk towards the porch, what would you like your view to be?

Something that’s beautiful maybe a garden full of flowers, smiling faces and a tint of love in the air.

Who would want to wake up and see a barren land ?

No matter where you are or whatever you are going through, always wish well for others. Their vibrations  or them having a good life is going to be the good view that you should wake up to.

Ironically, it is good to have a greener grass on the other side as that’s the view that’s going to make you want to wake up.

Always wish good and well for this planet.

As they say in a prayer of Sikh religion,

” Sarbat da Bhala”

that means ‘ May everyone prosper ! ‘.


There is a pathway

that can bridge the gap between us,

‘Divinity’ is where it leads to.



I have always felt that the last resort should actually be the first one in most situations. I believe in the power of surrender a lot. When things are not going your way, don’t waste your time on perverse things rather try to connect with the universe as it has possible answers to everything. It can provide you with the clarity that you have been looking for.

Slowing Down

I am slowing down

I no longer need a complete sentence

Just a word is enough to make my spirits high

I can look at a leaf for hours together

and marvel at its creation

I want to know what silence sounds like

I have begun to notice my breathing

I carry the sounds of morning, noon and evening in my backpack

I take my time to wake up

There is no Rush …

I am slowing down

I am slowing down !



This is a totally raw piece, like most of my pieces are. It’s what I am actually doing these days.

Tell me are you in a rush? Or you are slowing down or mishmash of both?


Grace !

One may be walking

the most beautiful path

and yet be unaware of it



Only HIS grace

Can make one see the Beauty of it all !

There are some fleeting moments in life when you feel surreal and englufed in a loving presence. It’s an inexplicable feeling. For a few moments, it gives you joy of a lifetime. And you can’t just plan these moments, they come unannounced and sweep you off your feet. You can’t just create these moments, no matter how hard you try, it’s HIS grace at work.

Like, everyday I go for a walk, but on somedays I feel connected to the universe in some inexplicable ways. It’s His grace that one can feel profoundly what has always been there.

Once a preacher shared a very nice lesson.

He told that one can eat food but whether the food gets digested or not is beyond one’s control. After, I heard this I kept on thinking how true it is.

Yes, the world is filled with many such examples. But are we conscious enough to see it and have gratitude.

Just hoping to experience more wondorous things that happen because of HIS grace in action !

Story of Others

Recently, my grandmother was narrating an incident about her and my brother and I was like why I am not in the story and started to think of some ways to throw myself into the discussion. And then I was like, why can’t I sit back and enjoy the story of these two lovely people in my life and not try to make myself as a topic of discussion. Sometimes, I do need to learn how to just listen and not try and make myself a part of every conversation that happens on this planet.

Moral of the story: Listen to stories of your people and strangers, you’ll end up listening to yourself somewhere.

P.S . I am a good listener. But can become a better one.

P.P.S. I am not trying to defend myself here. Just a fact…ūüėč

You’re the owner

There is abundance that is offered by the universe but it’s us who don’t know how to receive it.

While looking at the worlds of other people, we make attempts to fit into the standards of their world, forgetting the fact that we have our own world as well, so why settle for a share of someone else’s.

And why it is…?

Here are few lines……

Trying to impress always,

Why and where are you trying to fit in?

There is no place you can fit in

Check your heart

A letter sent by the Universe reads

‘You own the place already’

Whoever is trying to fit in is

Anyone but you

It’s an inauthentic version of you

Your authentic self rightfully owns

all of it already







Thanks for Reading !

Love Your People

I truly know that there are these two things that make this life worth living

Nature and People

So, this one is for the latter one…..

People are very accurately

Placed in our life

To bring us closer to our self

They push the insecurities button in us

Make us uncomfortable

To make us comfortable in our own skin

Someone will speak some gem

A very basic line

That will alter you life

And their love is fathomless

Idiosyncrasies abound

They Motivate at the right time

Are always at the right place

These are the ones who are a big reason

Of our happiness

And are there in the thick and thin

Love Your People

Gratitude Always





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How to Travel without Travelling ?

This may seem like an absurd thought and I wouldn’t try to defend the sensibility that it may have because, it has just happened once to me and that too yesterday only.

So, I had a two day weekend this time and throughout the day I was thinking like which place should I head to. Factors impacting my decision were Corona, the soaring temperatures and the availability of a companion. Unfortunately, nothing was in my favour. I had given up on any travel whatsoever. The only saving grace was The Grocery Store visit. I had to repeatedly ask my family members to give me some items on my checklist as all the items were already in the kitchen cupboards. However, after my repeated poking, they gave me names of few items that they would be needing sometime in the future, but not right now.

Anyway, the grocery trip did pacify my craving for travel for sometime. However, by night time I was again restless. So, I though let me talk to people, maybe it will help. Luckily, three of the people who were available for the conversations were my favourites. So I called and chatted and discussed some real stuff and also made a plan with one of them for the next weekend ( fingers crossed).

It gave me a sense of fulfillment. It felt like I had travelled somewhere just by talking to these chaps.

So, may be a good conversation is equivalent to a good travel.

We’ll see if this work next time as well.

Till then Ciao !





Thanks for reading !


When anything or anyone enters in one’s life, it has its own baggage. Nothing or no one is going to step into your life, unless you are ready for it and its baggage.

The people who become a part of your life have their own dreams, insecurities and thoughts and till the point you are ready to endure, tolerate and believe, they will keep on standing on the periphery of your life. Not everyone glides smoothly in your life. They push your limits and stretch your boundaries. And yes, they enter because now the time has come where you have to slowly move into the next stage of life. Furthermore, you are ready  and also, need to stretch the boundary of yours.

There are people whose progress is subtle and slow and that is all right because these people may not be ready to handle the baggage that comes along and as a result, their process is slower.

For instance, you wish to become a renowned writer, but being a writer is not just limited to writing. Writing is associated with a plethora of things such as networking ability, ability to handle criticism, success not messing up your head etc. So, in most cases, despite having the skill sometimes, things take time because as I said earlier everything comes with a lot of things attached. And Life is preparing you to handle it all.

Just have faith and the thing you can do is to be more you with each passing day.









Thanks for reading  !