Time and Trick


Just like that

time showed me a trick

my old dreams flew away

and I found

some new ones

holding my hand







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The Turn


Right now

I am standing at a turn

Unenlightened of the path ahead

I know it’s not the dead end

But I have no longer the vision to see ahead

I just need to trust

and walk a few steps more

Because the moment

I see that path ahead

my excitement is going to fly from the shores

into the waters

And I know, I am going to run the fastest …










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The Chosen Path


I wouldn’t be sad

I wouldn’t blame you

For belittling my path

For you don’t know

What all good I have found here

And how far I have come from my fears

walking on this path

Everytime you say what’s not right about my path

it is a reminder for me to look back

and pay gratitude

‘I chose my own path and got to walk on it . Trust me, not every one gets this chance’

Eternally Blessed…!