Yeah, I can speak !

Recently, at a wedding, I ran across one of my classmates, basically, my friend’s friend. As he was the only familiar face to me( except my friend who was busy being nifty at his real brother’s wedding ceremony) and I was in no further mood to stand alone and observe (20 minutes is a good time to have done that), I immediately jumped off my introvert couch and started talking to him.

Thanks to this second person, I was conversing with, hadn’t it been him, I would never have been writing on, ‘Yeah, I can speak! ‘

The conversation was just the usual one until he remarked, ‘ I have heard, you have started speaking. It’s a good thing. ‘

‘ Excuse me ! Are you trying to say, that I had been mute all these years? ‘ I thought in my mind.

May be he was the one who said ‘Present’ every single time my teacher called my name, yet I  never noticed.

Had it been the earlier me, either I would have blurted out my emotions or I would have had a poker face throughout the wedding.

But kudos ! Now I had fully accepted who I was. So, my response was different.

‘I still don’t speak! ‘ I immediately exclaimed. ( No, I wasn’t trying to prove that I had been mute all these years, and had just got my voice back because I had found my eternal love in him and thereby wanted to talk to him.) .

Speaking less has always been ,for most of us, equivalent to being mute. ( So, technically, may be I was trying to say that yeah, I am still mute.)

However, the elixir is ‘ I just speak less, and that doesn’t make me mute ‘ . Though it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other, yet the difference is still there.

I babbled as an infant, asked silly questions to my parents, cleared all the oral exams, travelled, graduated, have been using a phone to be more specific – it’s calling feature, have been into the training sector and been doing a lot more involving speaking.

So, yeah, I speak and have talked my way out so far.

Here, I am not trying to prove anything, just bringing it to the notice.

And yeah that boy! I explained to him my introversion, and he was sweet enough to listen and understand.

Cheers !

It would be my pleasure to have the readers more often here.

Thanks !