Why my ‘Ayushmann’ never shows up?

Remember, the scene in the bollywood movie Vicky Donor, where Yami Gautam, the female protagonist, is standing alone savouring her drink and then Ayushmann, the male protagonist, jumps in and starts flirting in his typical Punjabi style.

Still from Vicky Donor

Now, I have stood alone in almost all the events, that I have attended, (because my interests never really help me in getting company) but never really found any Ayushmann lurking around.

Whenever, I go to any event, and have some minutes to spare, I take a walk around the place and find the most quiet place. My aim is to basically find a spot where I am the only person present.

For instance, during the lunch break of one of the events, having a footfall of nearly 600,I quickly found a spot, ate my lunch and  started exploring the remotest parts of the building. And if any of you likes finding the most quiet place,  you would have found  me sitting on an elevated platform, with  greenery and beautiful trees

TedX Chd 2016


all around and of course, with a paper and a pen, noting down something ,  and with no one to be seen in the vicinity. It’s quite evident from the picture, right?

And I am pretty sure, this is the reason why my ‘Ayushmann ‘ never shows up because I am always out of his arena. And he is too busy with his people.

At least, it is a good excuse to appease my heart !

Hum ko maalum hai jannat ki haqiqat lekin, Dil ko khush rakhne ko ‘ Ghalib ‘ ye khayal acha hai ‘

-Mirza Ghalib