The Morning Miss


On my daily journey to my place of work, I don’t really pay attention to the trees lined up on either side of the road. Most of the days, I am worried on how the day would go. And on other days, I am just planning my day during my morning commute. And this anxiety of mine, this habit of mine to play the events in my mind before they get played in real life, make me oblivious to the ever present calmness of nature. I miss this part of connecting with the nature almost daily.

On my way back, I am ,more often than not, conscious about the swaying of trees and the sun set. So, just once in a day, I feel something about my presence, because I feel the presence of nature in the evening.

But what if, the morning passes without me noticing any trees and the evening never shows up for me?

Also, so far, I have seen on almost every occassion, no matter how less I am prepared for the day or no matter how much worried I am, the things of concern, the things that steal the ‘now’ from me, are always taken care of, that is, they always go right somehow. There is some power operating which knows just the right thing for me. (I know it is too good and even sounds too good, to be true, however, things are just always moving in the right direction ). So all my worries and plannings (at the wrong time) don’t really serve any puropse, except one, that I miss the viridscent shade of trees.

Yes, I have to learn to relax my mind in the morning as well, I can’t just live half my life.

Yes. Yes. Healing is a daily process.





Thanks for reading !!!


Author: Ravneet Kaur

Planning is in my blood. Unpredictability in my actions. Trying to figure out the riddle I am...!

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