Today, while talking with a friend, I came to know that I had hurt her feelings few days back, whereas, I had no clue about any of this. Also, a normal discussion with my mom took a bad turn and I ended up upsetting her just a day before yesterday.

I have always believed that I have these virtues of kindness and politeness. But I am ordinary too is what I forget. I am not the epitome of the nicest things. It gets difficult for me to absorb the notion that I did something terrible to someone, even though, it was all unintentional. So, here are few verses, saying the same. Go slow.




I think and believe

that I am positive and kind

I am all things good and nice

is the point that I cherish

Yes, I am all the heart warming things

and Ordinary

As I hurt people

and get angry

I upset my dear ones

and increase their pains

Yes. Yes.Yes.

I am all the good things

and Ordinary!







Thanks for reading. I hope some of you will connect. Thanks again.


Author: Ravneet Kaur

Planning is in my blood. Unpredictability in my actions. Trying to figure out the riddle I am...!

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