I did it again…

And now  I shut my eyes in dismay…

I again tried to prove…

Prove to others…

Prove that I was strong

Prove that I was confident

Prove that I was worthy

Prove that I was enough

Proving to others is the ultimate defeat…

This is not what I want.

All I want is to know my self….!

To be truly aware of who I am….!

Know what’s the real and the glowing in me…!

Winds of time


A piece -incomplete and unfinished

is birthing 

in me.

Winds of time 

will bring along an experience

that will precisely fill in the missing

and make this piece,

a Masterpiece


Sometimes, when I write, I know the beginning but not the journey ahead. I don’t know what more has to come from this. I have lines but the right words are missing.

So, I decide to go with the time, wherever it takes me and moment by moment ,I find the right words.










Thanks for reading !!