The Super Mario Effect

We all would agree that Learning is a lifelong process. At this point for  all the students out here, it’s even more crucial, isn’t it? So, today I am going to shed some light on the Tricks to the learning process i.e. The Super Mario Effect. Yes, the game that all of us were obsessed with at some point.

Have you ever thought, how much we could learn, if we didn’t think of failing?

When we played Mario, we didn’t give up just because we fell into a pit. Our main objective was to get into the castle and save Princess Peach. So, when we failed and had to start over again and again from the former levels, we didn’t give up because we so wanted to reach the final stage and rescue the Princess. We didn’t fear or crib about our failures, instead, we learnt from our failures. Next time we were near the pit, we knew what to do and when to jump so that we could avoid falling into the pit.

But in real life, Learning is considered to be a hideous task because we always link Learning to exams, we are embarrassed of our failures, ‘what we will people think ‘ and sometimes  even the’ I am not good enough ‘ philoshphies run on repeat mode in our brains when we fail. Apply the Super Mario Effect in such situations, make your Learnings a game. Focus on what you want and learn from your failures i.e reframe the challenges and face them as if it was a game. Failures will always be there and also,  don’t you think, Life will be  boring if there were no challenges. Oh , we can put it that way, What will Simmba do, if there was no 8 packed ab villain like Sonu Sood. You can’t have a good story without a good challenge or a villain. There is no fun.You need challenges in your life but don’t sweat out a lot on them. Treat your learning as a game and not an exam. As a thing you really want to do despite the challenges it brings. Adopt the Super Mario Effect, and make learning fun.


I had to make this speech for my cousin, so I thought of putting it out here as well.

It’s basically,  taken from a TedX Video…!

Here’s the link

Author: Ravneet Kaur

Planning is in my blood. Unpredictability in my actions. Trying to figure out the riddle I am...!

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