You Impact !

You Impact !

It might sound bizarre to most.

Aren’t are lives just normal and ordinary? How can ordinary impact?

You might even have to say, ‘I don’t even get these many likes on my picture.’

But you know what, you do Impact!

Because someone out there sees how unperturbed  you are by the numbers and the likes. This is what he loves about you. So, don’t compare yourself with big influencers and get saddened because you, my friend, are a part of the group that believes size of the audience doesn’t matter. So, keep on doing what you love and also know that someone out there loves what you do. (not that his admiration should become your driving force but you are definitely adding value to someone’s life and also learning from someone at the same time  )

Someone is always looking up to you. They are learning something from you ,like,  may be how comfortable you are in your skin (handling body shaming ) or how you prefer staying with your family more than chasing those bucks  ( not everyone makes such choice) or someone must be observing the little steps that you are taking towards your goal.

So, the point is your life will always connect with someone. Someone will find it relatable. Someone will respect your choices. There will always be admirers of your ideas and of anything that you bring onto the table of life. But for our better or worst, these messages of admiration reach us not that often. Anyway, however you are faring in your life, just know ,there is always someone who is looking up to you.

So, whichever path you are choosing, walk it blissfully and with pride, because someone out there has his eyes on you.

And, you wouldn’t like to disappoint your admirer by berating or just not valuing that path of yours.

Anyway, you are the creation of the Creator how can you not Impact…!









Thanks for reading !

Author: Ravneet Kaur

Planning is in my blood. Unpredictability in my actions. Trying to figure out the riddle I am...!

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