You haven’t lived my life

You have never been me

You don’t know what comes naturally to me

You don’t know what makes me sweat

So, whatever you have to say

I will listen to it

But will let it go as quickly as I can

Because yours is a perception made in the time of a blink

While it has taken me years to reach where I am

So, I will appreciate all of me always…

Hold Up

I stay longer than I should in the situations that make me uneasy and uncomfortable. Because it’s me, so it’s fine. I overthink to the point where I am almost on the verge of a headache. All my decisions are made at the last moment. And once the decision is made I wonder if it’s the right one.

Lately, I have been realising I am best at finding faults within me even in the situations where they are none. As you might have inferred by now, I question my own worth most of the times. It is difficult for me to put myself  first. Even after so many years of hearing and listening about self worth, self love , positive affirmations and many more things, there is still a long road ahead. However, I am so proud that I am more aware now trying to stay in my Happy space, keeping a check on my thought patterns and many such things. After all ” Healing is a daily process. ” as quoted by Rupi Kaur.

So, I just wanted to share what I am practising these days is based on one of my observations. When I see any of my family members going through some physical discomfort or any problem in their life, I support them fully going out of my comfort zone always. I put their priorities and need at the top always. It comes naturally. You can say, I am willing to speak and stand for them. But this doesn’t happen when it is about me.

So, lately when I am in a situation where I am like backing off by saying that it’s all fine, I start imagining that there is an inner child in me who needs my support and I need to stand and support her. This gives me the courage to do things by stepping out of my comfort zone for her. And this has helped me in some situations. Try doing it for the Inner Child who unconsciously and unintentionally got neglected when you were young. Give her the Love that she deserver.

Since now you know better, so do better…






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