Know who you are !

” No worldly rejection establishes my value in the universe, and no material lack diminishes my fullness in God. “

These lines are from a book named ‘ The Law of Divine Compensation ‘ written by Marianne Williamson, an internationally acclaimed lecturer and author.

Whenever someone passes a not so pleasant remark, I don’t get angry at the other person, it’s his/ her job to say this. What I feel disappointed about is that how could the other person’s remark affect me.

Because it clearly shows that my core is  still not strong and any unexpected remark from the other person’s side can still trigger me and make the entire energy shift from positive to negative.

It’s important to know , who you are. For instance, if money is not a driving force for a person and he is content with what he is doing, then even if anyone says you earn pretty less, he would be least affected by the remark, because he has a core belief  that money is not something of prime importance for him.

Our job is to realise and repeat to ourselves our core value. What you stand for? What makes you happy? Repeat those things to yourself . So, that you are able to handle those triggers better.

As they say, Love is real and Fear is an illusion.

Figure out what’s real for you and repeat it through your daily routine, with the process of meditation and affirmations, so that the outer things shake you less.

As Oprah Winfrey says,


Nourish all the things that you feel are right for you, daily.

Somewhere, we all know what is right for us, but it’s never on high priority.

Consistency and doggedness is all that is required to lead a blissful life, but usually we realise it very late. Let’s not regret later.

‘Healing is a daily process’, as said by Rupi Kaur , a very famous poetess.





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Phoenix !

When you believe you are burning out, don’t dread the feeling, don’t let that megative energy encompass you. Just observe the process silently, there is surely light at the end of the tunnel.

Remember the legend of Phoenix, Phoenix prepares its own pyre for the funeral. Burns itself and then rises from its own ashes. The most beautiful Rebirth ever.

Of course, we die once in our lives. But there are also instances in our life when we bring a new version of us to this life. So, when you feel like you have reached a dead end. It’s actually the beginning of a new Chapter.

You have been a Phoenix so many times in your life. Haven’t you?





Just a thought, that we all already know. Hope you all are doing good…!