When anything or anyone enters in one’s life, it has its own baggage. Nothing or no one is going to step into your life, unless you are ready for it and its baggage.

The people who become a part of your life have their own dreams, insecurities and thoughts and till the point you are ready to endure, tolerate and believe, they will keep on standing on the periphery of your life. Not everyone glides smoothly in your life. They push your limits and stretch your boundaries. And yes, they enter because now the time has come where you have to slowly move into the next stage of life. Furthermore, you are ready  and also, need to stretch the boundary of yours.

There are people whose progress is subtle and slow and that is all right because these people may not be ready to handle the baggage that comes along and as a result, their process is slower.

For instance, you wish to become a renowned writer, but being a writer is not just limited to writing. Writing is associated with a plethora of things such as networking ability, ability to handle criticism, success not messing up your head etc. So, in most cases, despite having the skill sometimes, things take time because as I said earlier everything comes with a lot of things attached. And Life is preparing you to handle it all.

Just have faith and the thing you can do is to be more you with each passing day.









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Author: Ravneet Kaur

Planning is in my blood. Unpredictability in my actions. Trying to figure out the riddle I am...!

5 thoughts on “Baggage”

  1. Yeah, and nowhere does the peripheral requirements show up more than when you try your hand in self-publishing. There are just too many things to learn. I, for one, will slog it out in the traditional publishing scene for a while, but even then, there’s so much to learn, such as pitching and building an online presence. It’s crazy. Thanks for sharing this!

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