How to Travel without Travelling ?

This may seem like an absurd thought and I wouldn’t try to defend the sensibility that it may have because, it has just happened once to me and that too yesterday only.

So, I had a two day weekend this time and throughout the day I was thinking like which place should I head to. Factors impacting my decision were Corona, the soaring temperatures and the availability of a companion. Unfortunately, nothing was in my favour. I had given up on any travel whatsoever. The only saving grace was The Grocery Store visit. I had to repeatedly ask my family members to give me some items on my checklist as all the items were already in the kitchen cupboards. However, after my repeated poking, they gave me names of few items that they would be needing sometime in the future, but not right now.

Anyway, the grocery trip did pacify my craving for travel for sometime. However, by night time I was again restless. So, I though let me talk to people, maybe it will help. Luckily, three of the people who were available for the conversations were my favourites. So I called and chatted and discussed some real stuff and also made a plan with one of them for the next weekend ( fingers crossed).

It gave me a sense of fulfillment. It felt like I had travelled somewhere just by talking to these chaps.

So, may be a good conversation is equivalent to a good travel.

We’ll see if this work next time as well.

Till then Ciao !





Thanks for reading !