The View

When you wake up in the morning and walk towards the porch, what would you like your view to be?

Something that’s beautiful maybe a garden full of flowers, smiling faces and a tint of love in the air.

Who would want to wake up and see a barren land ?

No matter where you are or whatever you are going through, always wish well for others. Their vibrations  or them having a good life is going to be the good view that you should wake up to.

Ironically, it is good to have a greener grass on the other side as that’s the view that’s going to make you want to wake up.

Always wish good and well for this planet.

As they say in a prayer of Sikh religion,

” Sarbat da Bhala”

that means ‘ May everyone prosper ! ‘.

Author: Ravneet Kaur

Planning is in my blood. Unpredictability in my actions. Trying to figure out the riddle I am...!

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