Love Your People

I truly know that there are these two things that make this life worth living

Nature and People

So, this one is for the latter one…..

People are very accurately

Placed in our life

To bring us closer to our self

They push the insecurities button in us

Make us uncomfortable

To make us comfortable in our own skin

Someone will speak some gem

A very basic line

That will alter you life

And their love is fathomless

Idiosyncrasies abound

They Motivate at the right time

Are always at the right place

These are the ones who are a big reason

Of our happiness

And are there in the thick and thin

Love Your People

Gratitude Always





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Phoenix !

When you believe you are burning out, don’t dread the feeling, don’t let that megative energy encompass you. Just observe the process silently, there is surely light at the end of the tunnel.

Remember the legend of Phoenix, Phoenix prepares its own pyre for the funeral. Burns itself and then rises from its own ashes. The most beautiful Rebirth ever.

Of course, we die once in our lives. But there are also instances in our life when we bring a new version of us to this life. So, when you feel like you have reached a dead end. It’s actually the beginning of a new Chapter.

You have been a Phoenix so many times in your life. Haven’t you?





Just a thought, that we all already know. Hope you all are doing good…!


Is that Letter for me?

It’s a very short story unlike its title.

There is this kid and lately, I have been seeing a folded white paper in his hand and that is escalating my curiosity levels. He is keeping that paper very carefully. Rather, I would say extremely mindfully.

Our relationship is like Tom and Jerry. We kind of annoy and test each other’s limit . He is kind of short tempered and I ,on the other hand, am a very patient person( the age factor maybe).  I just observe and smile while he aggressively struggles to elucidate his point.

Being in his company is like listening to a riveting tale. I look forward to it. He is 6 years younger to me . Though he is very mature, yet I often make fun of him saying he is just a kid. He retorts by showing his Driver License and other ids as a proof of being not a kid and that actually cracks me up.

I don’t know why I feel this way but that folded white paper is surely addressed to me.

He is just waiting for the right moment to give it.





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Sometimes it’s purposelessness

and at the others

it’s a philosphy 

that I lead  my life with it

Though there is a routine that gets to you every now and then, yet unintentionally or intentionally there is a philoshphy that we all follow to have a direction of where each day and to sum it up, our life is heading to and also, to keep ourselves in sane.

There are numerous philosophies, I have lived my life by till now. The choice of it depends on who you are , what you are looking for and is also largely driven, by situations around you.

Learning how to live in the present moment surfaces up after every few days as Mindfulness is something that I have actually forgotten, so ‘ Now ‘ has definitely come to the forefront.

Then , there is ‘ Love Yourself ‘, ‘ Know your worth ‘. I have always have had self- esteem issues . And, somehow I had always got that wrong as I tried to prove my worth to others, whereas the one needed to be assured of my worth was me.

Sometimes, fitness comes on the wheel. I know, it should be a regular thing, but yeah, in my life there is a zone, when I am into walking and running ( I love walking )and other days  ‘we are not friends anymore’ tag lines rules my days.

There are Days where you just go by the flow.  I would say ‘Acceptance‘ is the word. You don’t push hard, you don’t drool over the perfect outcome. You are just working, learning, growing and have left the future to the Universe. ‘Acceptance’ is very liberating at times, especially, when things are not going on as planned.

Gratitude‘ should always be there of whatever life is offering you. If you think a bit harder, things could have possibly been worser than now. But they aren’t ‘now’ .So, thank you. I believe the ‘lows’ have their own charm, that we only realise, when we are sharing the stories of our ‘low’ during our ‘high’ times.

The times when you live your writing. You wrote that piece, and just that moment when you find the right words, and you stop for few moments to savour what just happened. That bliss. Yeah, that’s unmatchable. So, yeah love or passion driven.

The day when you become your own observer. Not reacting but responding. Observing, why did you feel that way and you know learning about your traits even more. I will be turning 25 now, and I am still getting revelations about myself. ‘Oh that’s me , I am an empath and that’s why I feel drained at times. And sweat the small stuff’  , discovering more and more things about myself as I live my day.

‘ How important it is to be kind and helping. ‘ Being kind and polite in today’s world could be a bit overwhelming at times. Sometimes, you are surprised by the way others reciprocate kindness and sometimes you are let down. Just be kind and don’t expect anything. Don’t let the kind of response, you are getting, make you less kind. As I would like to say, ‘Being kind is the new strong.’

Sometimes, it’s about ‘Books‘ or ‘Series’. You live your life according to the book that you are reading. Since, I am into Self-Help books so the kind of book I am reading and if I feel connected the philosphy of that book will start playing in my life and if I find it helpful, it will stay even after the book has finished.

Interactions. There is a time when I make an effort to get in touch with old friends, like then interacting with them becomes my focus. Being an introvert, as I am happy in my own space, but yeah, there is zone when you have lingered alone for too long and then all of a sudden, you want to get chirpy.

So, the list is endless. May be I will continue it on some other post. I hope atleast some of you may find it relatable. Also, I would like to know, what’s your current philosphy?

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My Bedtime Story


This is not a ususal bed time story. It’s the story that my mother and I live.

I am away from home these days and besides the people of my family, I also miss my bed.

I have got a double bed all for myself at my home. It’s a home inside my home for me. I am always sitting at the corner of the right side of my bed. One turn and I might be off the bed on the floor. Actually, according to my Mom, I do have many occupants on my bed, my books, handkerchief , mobile, glass of water etcetera. My mother hates them and  wants them to leave me, so that I can take the centre stage of my bed (the middle of my bed ). She often keeps reprimanding the occupants on my bed (organizing them) and side by side narrates me a bed time story after everyday or two. The stories she shares are of a different genre : request, order, threat. The moral of the story is how important it is to be at the centre of the stage(centre of my bed).

Away from home, I also have a double bed for me but I sit at the centre of my bed, have got no occupants.

Away from home, I always try to do what you would have wanted me to. I take care of things and myself, the way you would have. I am trying to follow each moral of your every story. 

But trust me, when I will be back home, I will again sit at the corner, just to hear that bed time story.











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I didn’t know there was someone more nervous than me, when I was leaving my hometown for the first time, until recently when she shared it with me.

‘ I got a severe headache, and was unable to sleep. I was anxious and nervous galore. I was wondering how would you survive in the town where you knew no one. But all my fears were dispelled when I started chanting the sacred verses.’, said my grandmother.

Her belief in the higher power, makes her stronger to set us free.


I fared goodbye to all family members, and when I hugged her the last time before leaving, while unwrapping my arms, I noticed she was on the verge of crying. She showered some blessings onto me, and I noticed that her tears had made up their way into her voice. Tears welled up in my eyes, I avoided her gaze, and quickly ran towards the taxi. I couldn’t cry in front of her.

She had set me free in her world; This was the beginning, she had set herself free from us.







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