Lately !

Recently, people have been asking me if I am okay. They have also been saying, ‘ We feel sorry for you. ‘. So lately, I have trying to convince people that I am pretty much ok and actually, the happiest at the moment, which I truly am. Also, I am a little surprised and very much in awe of how this plan of universe unfolded.

The thing is I experienced an unexpected turn of events and people got the feeling that I would be dejected and heartbroken even when I was not even close to that feeling. Anyhow, my near and dear ones were not very convinced and kept on meeting, calling and texting me. So, during all this time, I was getting a bit annoyed that I don’t need your sympathy. But then I started looking at the other side, the people who were texting and enquiring about my well being, were concerned about me for real. I realised, instead of being annoyed, I should be grateful for these people. Like, I have had people who have celebrated my achievements with fervour and then , now I see people who are sad for me and very concerned about me.

I have lucked out in the aspect of good people in my life. Always grateful for the people who have been there through the thick and thin in my life.

So, all in all, be grateful for the people who ask if you are okay. Not everyone has this kind of abundance.

Insanely Grateful.🌻

Story of Others

Recently, my grandmother was narrating an incident about her and my brother and I was like why I am not in the story and started to think of some ways to throw myself into the discussion. And then I was like, why can’t I sit back and enjoy the story of these two lovely people in my life and not try to make myself as a topic of discussion. Sometimes, I do need to learn how to just listen and not try and make myself a part of every conversation that happens on this planet.

Moral of the story: Listen to stories of your people and strangers, you’ll end up listening to yourself somewhere.

P.S . I am a good listener. But can become a better one.

P.P.S. I am not trying to defend myself here. Just a fact…😋

You’re the owner

There is abundance that is offered by the universe but it’s us who don’t know how to receive it.

While looking at the worlds of other people, we make attempts to fit into the standards of their world, forgetting the fact that we have our own world as well, so why settle for a share of someone else’s.

And why it is…?

Here are few lines……

Trying to impress always,

Why and where are you trying to fit in?

There is no place you can fit in

Check your heart

A letter sent by the Universe reads

‘You own the place already’

Whoever is trying to fit in is

Anyone but you

It’s an inauthentic version of you

Your authentic self rightfully owns

all of it already







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When anything or anyone enters in one’s life, it has its own baggage. Nothing or no one is going to step into your life, unless you are ready for it and its baggage.

The people who become a part of your life have their own dreams, insecurities and thoughts and till the point you are ready to endure, tolerate and believe, they will keep on standing on the periphery of your life. Not everyone glides smoothly in your life. They push your limits and stretch your boundaries. And yes, they enter because now the time has come where you have to slowly move into the next stage of life. Furthermore, you are ready  and also, need to stretch the boundary of yours.

There are people whose progress is subtle and slow and that is all right because these people may not be ready to handle the baggage that comes along and as a result, their process is slower.

For instance, you wish to become a renowned writer, but being a writer is not just limited to writing. Writing is associated with a plethora of things such as networking ability, ability to handle criticism, success not messing up your head etc. So, in most cases, despite having the skill sometimes, things take time because as I said earlier everything comes with a lot of things attached. And Life is preparing you to handle it all.

Just have faith and the thing you can do is to be more you with each passing day.









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Evening Sky

A look at the evening Sky

and it gives you what you need the post

Some life, hope, light, assurance, energy

or maybe the moment

that you were searching for a while now

It fills up at that space

inside of you 

that looks like emptiness

with unparalleled joy and awe

And your life glides in front of you

feeling so meaningful and meaningless

at the same time






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Happy Independence Day ! 🇮🇳

No Time Travel

Time Travelling is possible. You can be transported to a different world through your mind as well as your screens. ISN’T IT?

When you shut them off, be it your mind or your device , it takes seconds to come back to the earth-  the real world.

On a serious note, ofcourse, mindfulness has taken a back seat in the present era as distractions are innumerable. I read in a book that our ‘ Will Power ‘ is a finite source and gets consumed big time when we try to bring back the attention to what we are actually doing.

Mindless scrolling during work hours ,evening time, night time, morning time is impacting our efficiency and productivity. In  a survey ,it was found that biggest distraction during work hours is not sleep, food or sex, but the constant need to check social media ,watch a movie, surf the net and listen to music . So, how can we help ourselves from falling into fathomless pit of the web and not while away the precious time?

1) Be aware of what you are doing. Knowing that your actions and habits are flawed is the first step towards changing them.

2) Locking away your mobile phone will not help. Rather understand and implement the power of daily routine and rituals.

a) Set time limit for yourself according to the task and don’t use mobile unless the work is complete.

b) Keep your cellphone on mute. It will aid a lot to pacify the urge to check your phone time and again.

c) Give yourself 10 minutes break to surf the web and check notififications after every 3 hrs.

3) Look at the longer vision always and remember why you started this all at the first place( to be productive) to keep your self motivated.

4) Whenever there is a craving for gb ( giga bytes) consumption, give your brain some other task that can help you in some other way. For instance, go and take a small walk,  read the budget, complete some pending task, ask a long lost colleague how he is doing. You will be satisfied and at the same time surprised about how much one can do in small chunks.

5) When you just need a break, just close your eyes and relax. But stay away from electronic gadgets. ( It’s difficult. But, you should do it, you know it’s the right thing.)

6) While doing useful work on these electronic devices, be mindful of not getting distracted by some not so relevant apps and notifications.

7) If messages are not urgent, try replying  to most of them at a common time and not when the phone beeps.

We feel 24 hours in a day are less and  now we know it’s not true. Our habits can even make 13 months in a year. Try sleeping at the right time and getting up at 5 not 7 in the morning and you will get 1 month bonus.

Virtual world is not real. Realworld is real.

So, stop the ‘Time Travel’. Be mindful of the present. Begin the ‘Deep Work’.








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Life is too short!

There are fears, flaws, insecurities, failures

But at the end of the day

You need to make them about

Courage, Love, Peace and Joy

Because Life  is going to put you in situations

Where you will have you to face the demons

And you will face them eventually

But make sure that at the end of every challenge

You embrace Life

You embeace Courage, Love, Peace and Joy

Life is too short to be lived otherwise…


This is a very basic write up. I know this isn’t something new.

I recently faced a challenging situation and after that feat , all my focus was on did I look like a failure to others. However I did forget that I did something extraordinary then as I had pushed my limits. So, it was all about my courage and eventually the peace of mind.

So, this write up is just a reminder that in the end just enjoy life don’t torture yourself by concocting stories that doesn’t cross anyone else’s mind but make your life hell. Appreciate the Love, Joy, Peace and Courage in your life…







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I know

I can’t talk to you

But it isn’t an abyss yet


I still can talk about you



In adversities

When there is no light

I know I can become the light



It is just that

Options can be created

And choices can be made

even when it seems to be a cul-de- sac







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It came with a lot of force this time

I just stood there

I couldn’t think

I had this water bottle in my hand

I started to gulp in water

and I couldn’t stop

because I didn’t know

what else to do

It took me some courage

to gather myself together

to enter the room

Which I eventually had to

I entered the room

I entered the room heartbroken

Things had changed in a second

I was heart broken

It was so intense that my heart literally pained

But I was more aware this time

Aware that it was just a bad day

And that this dark day is just a phase

Aware that even though I don’t see the brighter side right now

But there is



I kept on thinking about the incident

ever later that day

Still it did bother me in bits and tits



There’s still a long road

that I need to walk

which heads towards calm and peace !








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