Lately !

Recently, people have been asking me if I am okay. They have also been saying, ‘ We feel sorry for you. ‘. So lately, I have trying to convince people that I am pretty much ok and actually, the happiest at the moment, which I truly am. Also, I am a little surprised and very much in awe of how this plan of universe unfolded.

The thing is I experienced an unexpected turn of events and people got the feeling that I would be dejected and heartbroken even when I was not even close to that feeling. Anyhow, my near and dear ones were not very convinced and kept on meeting, calling and texting me. So, during all this time, I was getting a bit annoyed that I don’t need your sympathy. But then I started looking at the other side, the people who were texting and enquiring about my well being, were concerned about me for real. I realised, instead of being annoyed, I should be grateful for these people. Like, I have had people who have celebrated my achievements with fervour and then , now I see people who are sad for me and very concerned about me.

I have lucked out in the aspect of good people in my life. Always grateful for the people who have been there through the thick and thin in my life.

So, all in all, be grateful for the people who ask if you are okay. Not everyone has this kind of abundance.

Insanely Grateful.🌻

You’re the owner

There is abundance that is offered by the universe but it’s us who don’t know how to receive it.

While looking at the worlds of other people, we make attempts to fit into the standards of their world, forgetting the fact that we have our own world as well, so why settle for a share of someone else’s.

And why it is…?

Here are few lines……

Trying to impress always,

Why and where are you trying to fit in?

There is no place you can fit in

Check your heart

A letter sent by the Universe reads

‘You own the place already’

Whoever is trying to fit in is

Anyone but you

It’s an inauthentic version of you

Your authentic self rightfully owns

all of it already







Thanks for Reading !