There is a lot in a Name !

There’s a person in our family who is quite fair, but is called ‘Kaala’. No function goes by where his leg isn’t pulled.

I ,myself, get irritated, when someone calls me ‘Gudhiya’. I have a name, I immediately wish to retort that every single time.

Not to forget the namesakes, I had in both my school as well as graduation days. Being categorised into ‘Moti’ and ‘Patli’ Ravneet wasn’t pleasing either.

Saif Ali too faced much back-lash, when he named his son ‘Taimur Ali Khan’ thinking it was named after ‘Timur Lang’- the ruler who conquered the sub-continent.




My Insta account, its name is very dear to me.


For me, there is something in a name and also for Ayushmann Khurrana’s father.

My heart would skip a million beats, if I see my name somewhere in a magazine or a book, alongwith my work, of course.

Also, just for the information, in our family, there is a tradition of deriving the first alphabets of our names from the holy book of the Sikhs, Shri Guru Granth Sahib.

The famous bollywood actor, ‘Ayushmann Khurrana’, has two ‘n’ and two ‘r’ in his first and last name respectively. His father, P. Khurrana, is a well known astrologer in North India and believes in correct numerology of names, though Ayushmann doesn’t.


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P. Khurrana with his son Ayushmann


Names also have the power to describe the progressive outlook of a family.

I recently went to my family friends, they had the name of their daughter written on the name plate outside their house, who was married abroad. I felt quite elated after seeing that.


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A Name plate depicting the progressive outlook


And now here’s a quick tip to build the connection faster in your relations.

The top three words that grab human attention are:




So, go ahead and call your beloved by his/her name to melt her down and to make faster connections with people less known to you.

But the main motive of me writing this article, is not to emphasize the importance of names, but to talk about the contrary.

Ghost writers are writers for hire who take money but none of the credit for the work produced.

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So, you can say they are making money by helping out others with their work at the time of  need.

But what about others who wear the robe of anonymity, have fake ids and spit out the harshest words ever.

And as a matter of fact, the emotions of humilation, shame, which one goes through after receiving such words, are felt the deepest by humans even more than joy.

We, all are aware of Cyber bullying. The internet trolling and cyber stalking that happens through electronic means.

The people around me have always been very supportive, positive and kind. And I can never be grateful enough for that.

But when I stumble upon some of the vicious comments people write online. I am a bit taken aback.

Cyber- bullying can be in different forms:

  • Posting any kind of humiliating content of the victim.
  • Hacking the victim’s account.
  • Sending or posting vulgar messages online.
  • Threatening to commit acts of violence.
  • Stalking by means of calls, messages, etc..
  • Threats of child pornography.

There are two strata of the society, one which is spiritually evolving and the one which is not even knowing the meaning of compassion.

Kindness is free and it doesn’t hurt, says Lady Gaga. Her words are so simple yet profound.

The least we can do is not to be rude if we can’t be kind.

Let’s not wear a cloak of invisibility in this online world and push people towards excruciating pains, public humiliations that at times even cost them their lives.

Let’s choose our words wisely and not belittle people sitting behind our screens.

Let’s not create a culture of fear and hatred  where people are scared to express themselves.

Let’s condition ourselves to be kind again.

Let’s be good again.

Here’s a link to a must watch video, to know the devastating effects of online bullying.

Thank you for reading !!!


References- Text highlighted in blue