Evening Sky

A look at the evening Sky

and it gives you what you need the post

Some life, hope, light, assurance, energy

or maybe the moment

that you were searching for a while now

It fills up at that space

inside of you 

that looks like emptiness

with unparalleled joy and awe

And your life glides in front of you

feeling so meaningful and meaningless

at the same time






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I felt hollow

and the emptiness was scratching

the inside of my skin

I clutched my book tighter

it hugged my chest warmly

I wanted to be held 

not by someone but by something

My thoughts held me

I floated with them in the waters

Experienced every drop with them

As awareness poured in

emptiness started to quench

I came out with a new life

that told me the same lesson yet again

You are on the journey

Of becoming You











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One and only


Tears welled up in her eyes

as she stared at me in anguish

Warm tears rolled down my eyes,

affirming how deeply Sorry I was,

seeing her hurt and scathed

I knew,

I  hardly held her hand tightly,

losing parts of her everywhere

I knew,

I had cheated on her

by giving her anything less than what she truly deserved

She deserved the garden and its feathers

I knew,

I had failed to put the armor on,

when she longed to safeguard her heart and feelings,

she gave too much

and now,

the emptiness flowed in her heart

Warm tears rolled down

her cheeks,

as she screamed ,

You were the only one 

I could count on’


#self love