The Chosen Path


I wouldn’t be sad

I wouldn’t blame you

For belittling my path

For you don’t know

What all good I have found here

And how far I have come from my fears

walking on this path

Everytime you say what’s not right about my path

it is a reminder for me to look back

and pay gratitude

‘I chose my own path and got to walk on it . Trust me, not every one gets this chance’

Eternally Blessed…!

6 Questions


Trapped in these questions…

  • What I think of myself?
  • What others think of me?
  • What I think others think of me?
  • What others think I think of them?
  • What I think of others?
  • What others think of themselves?

Never the answer to any of these questions would be the same. Our thinking is primarily based upon who we are, and since, we all our different, we will never think the same. And probably, there is no point in  even trying to impressing the thoughts of someone. Because the angle through which the other is thinking, you are not even close to it.

So, next time you overthink, just try to consciously notice the question, in which you are trapped in, and trust me, once you start understanding that you are being trapped, you will dispel all the fears, frustrations, overwhelming emotions and irritations with that smile of yours, which will show up, because this time, you would have cut the mustard by circumnavigating the trap through your awareness and consciousness.





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