Slowing Down

I am slowing down

I no longer need a complete sentence

Just a word is enough to make my spirits high

I can look at a leaf for hours together

and marvel at its creation

I want to know what silence sounds like

I have begun to notice my breathing

I carry the sounds of morning, noon and evening in my backpack

I take my time to wake up

There is no Rush …

I am slowing down

I am slowing down !



This is a totally raw piece, like most of my pieces are. It’s what I am actually doing these days.

Tell me are you in a rush? Or you are slowing down or mishmash of both?


Broken Open


At the vista of the future,

it doesn’t matter

if you brought opulent sunshine

or  threw me in penury

if you shared your flowers

or gifted me your thorns

if you sent me missive of stars

or silence of darkness

if you venerated

or affronted me

if you had an edge

or I took the lead

The significance of our kinship is

it broke me open

unravelled me

and brought me closer

to what I had to become.