Grief in my friend’s smile

His presence

brought her to see the city unknown

His charm

made her twirl on the beats of his heart

His eyes

captivated her happiness

His smile

appeased her restlessness

His talks

echoed in her silence

His love

infested her heart

She was ignorant to the perspicuous

And, we, her friends, could sense his conspicuous perfidiousness

Years have passed,

Our meetings are nothing but a seance

where we try to contact the dead

‘liveliness’ of our friend

Hope is all we got. Hope.




When I met her, she was the most chirpy person, who lived and cared  deeply. She lost herself in a relation. She gave away too much and drifted away from herself. She is fine now. But every time she smiles, I feel her concealed grief and that breaks my heart. I just hope she sees the abundant love in and around her and this realisation would be her salvation.