Today, while talking with a friend, I came to know that I had hurt her feelings few days back, whereas, I had no clue about any of this. Also, a normal discussion with my mom took a bad turn and I ended up upsetting her just a day before yesterday.

I have always believed that I have these virtues of kindness and politeness. But I am ordinary too is what I forget. I am not the epitome of the nicest things. It gets difficult for me to absorb the notion that I did something terrible to someone, even though, it was all unintentional. So, here are few verses, saying the same. Go slow.




I think and believe

that I am positive and kind

I am all things good and nice

is the point that I cherish

Yes, I am all the heart warming things

and Ordinary

As I hurt people

and get angry

I upset my dear ones

and increase their pains

Yes. Yes.Yes.

I am all the good things

and Ordinary!







Thanks for reading. I hope some of you will connect. Thanks again.


One and only


Tears welled up in her eyes

as she stared at me in anguish

Warm tears rolled down my eyes,

affirming how deeply Sorry I was,

seeing her hurt and scathed

I knew,

I  hardly held her hand tightly,

losing parts of her everywhere

I knew,

I had cheated on her

by giving her anything less than what she truly deserved

She deserved the garden and its feathers

I knew,

I had failed to put the armor on,

when she longed to safeguard her heart and feelings,

she gave too much

and now,

the emptiness flowed in her heart

Warm tears rolled down

her cheeks,

as she screamed ,

You were the only one 

I could count on’


#self love