It came with a lot of force this time

I just stood there

I couldn’t think

I had this water bottle in my hand

I started to gulp in water

and I couldn’t stop

because I didn’t know

what else to do

It took me some courage

to gather myself together

to enter the room

Which I eventually had to

I entered the room

I entered the room heartbroken

Things had changed in a second

I was heart broken

It was so intense that my heart literally pained

But I was more aware this time

Aware that it was just a bad day

And that this dark day is just a phase

Aware that even though I don’t see the brighter side right now

But there is



I kept on thinking about the incident

ever later that day

Still it did bother me in bits and tits



There’s still a long road

that I need to walk

which heads towards calm and peace !








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New Angle

I have seen people having doubts about concepts after years of experience in that field and as a result others ( and even the person himself) start questioning their worth. But what I have realised is that , it doesn’t mean that the person is less credible in any way. He or she is definitely credible. The thing is that there are so many different angles of viewing a concept and it’s just a new angle for the person.

No matter how experienced or skillful you are, there will still be things that have not been yet encompassed by the umbrella of your mind. Explore it.

Don’t be ashamed of admitting that you don’t know something even after years of experience.

It’s just like Life. Just when you feel that you can see your destination right ahead only few miles away , right then, there is a turn or a slope and  you can’t see what’s in there for you. But it’s still there and your skill and experience is still rightly intact.

You still know how to walk even though it’s not a straight road, it’s a turn or a slope.

It’s fine to question your knowledge,  but never your worth.

This is just a discourse from my life that I want to etch in my memory that’s why I have written it.

Maintaining the best and perfect image in minds of others is the habit that I am trying to unlearn. Whenever I see any deviation from this ‘perfect’ image standard, the peace of my mind goes for a toss. There’s a lot of effort that goes into being perfect, I would any day prefer to be happy. Again, it is easier said than done. But yes, if I practice daily, inculcate into my thoughts, may be one day I will just focus on my life, my skill , my path and being happy.









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Let it go

Let it go

Before it drains

every ounce of happiness out of you

Before you regret

to have held  so long

Before you feel worn out

because of its burden on that mind of yours 

Learn your lesson

And move ahead

Perhaps, you may need to repeat the lesson again

But as of now ,

move away from the space 

Let it go

Go to your happy space 

that’s where you belong

Learn to end your night

And begin your dawn

You can save yourself







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Hold Up

I stay longer than I should in the situations that make me uneasy and uncomfortable. Because it’s me, so it’s fine. I overthink to the point where I am almost on the verge of a headache. All my decisions are made at the last moment. And once the decision is made I wonder if it’s the right one.

Lately, I have been realising I am best at finding faults within me even in the situations where they are none. As you might have inferred by now, I question my own worth most of the times. It is difficult for me to put myself  first. Even after so many years of hearing and listening about self worth, self love , positive affirmations and many more things, there is still a long road ahead. However, I am so proud that I am more aware now trying to stay in my Happy space, keeping a check on my thought patterns and many such things. After all ” Healing is a daily process. ” as quoted by Rupi Kaur.

So, I just wanted to share what I am practising these days is based on one of my observations. When I see any of my family members going through some physical discomfort or any problem in their life, I support them fully going out of my comfort zone always. I put their priorities and need at the top always. It comes naturally. You can say, I am willing to speak and stand for them. But this doesn’t happen when it is about me.

So, lately when I am in a situation where I am like backing off by saying that it’s all fine, I start imagining that there is an inner child in me who needs my support and I need to stand and support her. This gives me the courage to do things by stepping out of my comfort zone for her. And this has helped me in some situations. Try doing it for the Inner Child who unconsciously and unintentionally got neglected when you were young. Give her the Love that she deserver.

Since now you know better, so do better…






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Journal One

Some days, you are in control. You are disciplined and there is a routine. Life seems to move in the right direction. You know you are growing , days are useful and you are happy and content with your pace.

And then there are days, you don’t know who is running your life. Where are your days going. You feel directionless. Aimlessly wandering anywhere. It’s not that you don’t have a plan in your mind but somehow it’s not coming into action. You are being swayed without your permission. Seriously, it’s like, I wasted this day also. And unintentionally you esacape again and again from life via binge watching, music, walk and what not and when you come back to reality, then it’s time to sleep baby.

So, why I am writing this? Do I have a solution for this ? Not really. But to say the least, I am atleast aware that reins of my life are no longer in my hand and I want to write it down. Write because such days will always come and I will feel helpless. It’s ok. Writing and awareness will be the first step to get on track. I know a lot seems to be fixed within me and I am trying .Writing always heals me in some way. It is magical sometimes.

Just right now, I am feeling so relieved and I know things will make a little more sense tomorrow.

Adios…Hope we all enjoy the Sunrise and the Sunset…!


The Super Mario Effect

We all would agree that Learning is a lifelong process. At this point for  all the students out here, it’s even more crucial, isn’t it? So, today I am going to shed some light on the Tricks to the learning process i.e. The Super Mario Effect. Yes, the game that all of us were obsessed with at some point.

Have you ever thought, how much we could learn, if we didn’t think of failing?

When we played Mario, we didn’t give up just because we fell into a pit. Our main objective was to get into the castle and save Princess Peach. So, when we failed and had to start over again and again from the former levels, we didn’t give up because we so wanted to reach the final stage and rescue the Princess. We didn’t fear or crib about our failures, instead, we learnt from our failures. Next time we were near the pit, we knew what to do and when to jump so that we could avoid falling into the pit.

But in real life, Learning is considered to be a hideous task because we always link Learning to exams, we are embarrassed of our failures, ‘what we will people think ‘ and sometimes  even the’ I am not good enough ‘ philoshphies run on repeat mode in our brains when we fail. Apply the Super Mario Effect in such situations, make your Learnings a game. Focus on what you want and learn from your failures i.e reframe the challenges and face them as if it was a game. Failures will always be there and also,  don’t you think, Life will be  boring if there were no challenges. Oh , we can put it that way, What will Simmba do, if there was no 8 packed ab villain like Sonu Sood. You can’t have a good story without a good challenge or a villain. There is no fun.You need challenges in your life but don’t sweat out a lot on them. Treat your learning as a game and not an exam. As a thing you really want to do despite the challenges it brings. Adopt the Super Mario Effect, and make learning fun.


I had to make this speech for my cousin, so I thought of putting it out here as well.

It’s basically,  taken from a TedX Video…!

Here’s the link

Neutral Zone


It’s not about being right

Nor am I wrong

It’s just the way

‘the way it is’

I didn’t take the initiative

nor did I refrain from it

I just did

‘the way it is’



The zone

that I am learning to be in

is right  in the middle

of two waters flowing differently

life is not judged here,,, it is lived,,,

It’s the neutral zone.

The zone

where you live no right or wrong

The zone

where you live no high or low

You just live ‘the way it is’






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Tiny steps

Something pinched my ego yet again.

So many times, I have repeated this lesson (related to the situation)with myself, yet evertime I forget what I learnt and end up in pain and sadness. My mood changes at the drop of a hat, when something clashes with my pretentious layers.

However, the good part is something is shifting in me. Ofcourse, the lesson is learnt by my mind every single time my false self gets hurt and the lesson has a permanent residence in the conscious part of the brain now. (It’s been years since I have been repeating the lesson.) However, the lesson was not absorbed by the soul and the heart. But now, I see it making its way into the heart and  soul. It has started taking tiny steps. And, I am quite elated.What would earlier take days to heal, now heals in a span of some hours and even minutes.

I am in all gratitude for getting such situations, again and again. (Such situations don’t please me, but I know, they are vital, for me to be what I have to be). Because, I know, soon the essence of the lesson will be the part of my heart and soul.

Yes, Journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step and I am glad, that I have been walking some steps not that frequently, but yes, occasionally.

Yes, the tiny steps.

Yes, yes, Healing is a daily process.