I know the view from the top is breathtaking

But let’s talk about the climb

Shall we?

Let’s reminisce about

the days we are lost

Let’s talk about

the Self doubts we have

after a setback

the demons we face

the courage we show

the failures we embrace

the lessons we learn

Despite the good and the bad

We keep on continuing

Continuing the climb

Let’s talk about the real climbs

that happen not just after the last leap

but all the days and everyday

Let’s talk about the healing this time 

Let’s make the process precious.

It’s a general a thought from my side that why do we try to cover up the failures,  the flaws, in other words the truth and real. Why can’t we create a place where we talk about these things.

Let’s focus on the healing more than the healed.








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I felt hollow

and the emptiness was scratching

the inside of my skin

I clutched my book tighter

it hugged my chest warmly

I wanted to be held 

not by someone but by something

My thoughts held me

I floated with them in the waters

Experienced every drop with them

As awareness poured in

emptiness started to quench

I came out with a new life

that told me the same lesson yet again

You are on the journey

Of becoming You











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Tiny steps

Something pinched my ego yet again.

So many times, I have repeated this lesson (related to the situation)with myself, yet evertime I forget what I learnt and end up in pain and sadness. My mood changes at the drop of a hat, when something clashes with my pretentious layers.

However, the good part is something is shifting in me. Ofcourse, the lesson is learnt by my mind every single time my false self gets hurt and the lesson has a permanent residence in the conscious part of the brain now. (It’s been years since I have been repeating the lesson.) However, the lesson was not absorbed by the soul and the heart. But now, I see it making its way into the heart and  soul. It has started taking tiny steps. And, I am quite elated.What would earlier take days to heal, now heals in a span of some hours and even minutes.

I am in all gratitude for getting such situations, again and again. (Such situations don’t please me, but I know, they are vital, for me to be what I have to be). Because, I know, soon the essence of the lesson will be the part of my heart and soul.

Yes, Journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step and I am glad, that I have been walking some steps not that frequently, but yes, occasionally.

Yes, the tiny steps.

Yes, yes, Healing is a daily process.



Bout with Surrender


They both

put the blame

on each other

But I was the witness,

I knew,

neither of them was wrong,

the situation was.

The maladaptive  form


if one is right

then the other has to be wrong

is so deeply engrained in our system

that we cannot come to fact with the term

that at times

no one is wrong

everyone is right

it’s just that

the situation is playing games with us

I tried elucidating the matter to both of them

but something mystic

made all  my sentences incoherent

I felt so helpless

What could I do?

How could I do?

When could I do?

I surrendered.

For sure,

I and they have lessons to learn

Once, we learn them,

may be,

my sentences will become


may be,

they will understand each other

,or may be , 

I will lose 

another bout

to Surrender

as there might be

something more to learn.







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