Grace !

One may be walking

the most beautiful path

and yet be unaware of it



Only HIS grace

Can make one see the Beauty of it all !

There are some fleeting moments in life when you feel surreal and englufed in a loving presence. It’s an inexplicable feeling. For a few moments, it gives you joy of a lifetime. And you can’t just plan these moments, they come unannounced and sweep you off your feet. You can’t just create these moments, no matter how hard you try, it’s HIS grace at work.

Like, everyday I go for a walk, but on somedays I feel connected to the universe in some inexplicable ways. It’s His grace that one can feel profoundly what has always been there.

Once a preacher shared a very nice lesson.

He told that one can eat food but whether the food gets digested or not is beyond one’s control. After, I heard this I kept on thinking how true it is.

Yes, the world is filled with many such examples. But are we conscious enough to see it and have gratitude.

Just hoping to experience more wondorous things that happen because of HIS grace in action !

Love Your People

I truly know that there are these two things that make this life worth living

Nature and People

So, this one is for the latter one…..

People are very accurately

Placed in our life

To bring us closer to our self

They push the insecurities button in us

Make us uncomfortable

To make us comfortable in our own skin

Someone will speak some gem

A very basic line

That will alter you life

And their love is fathomless

Idiosyncrasies abound

They Motivate at the right time

Are always at the right place

These are the ones who are a big reason

Of our happiness

And are there in the thick and thin

Love Your People

Gratitude Always





Thanks for Reading !

Life is too short!

There are fears, flaws, insecurities, failures

But at the end of the day

You need to make them about

Courage, Love, Peace and Joy

Because Life  is going to put you in situations

Where you will have you to face the demons

And you will face them eventually

But make sure that at the end of every challenge

You embrace Life

You embeace Courage, Love, Peace and Joy

Life is too short to be lived otherwise…


This is a very basic write up. I know this isn’t something new.

I recently faced a challenging situation and after that feat , all my focus was on did I look like a failure to others. However I did forget that I did something extraordinary then as I had pushed my limits. So, it was all about my courage and eventually the peace of mind.

So, this write up is just a reminder that in the end just enjoy life don’t torture yourself by concocting stories that doesn’t cross anyone else’s mind but make your life hell. Appreciate the Love, Joy, Peace and Courage in your life…







Thank you for reading !



Fallen Tree

Everyday, I would see it.

Sometimes amazed by it’s structure,¬† I would gaze at it intently for minutes and at other times, I would just pass by.

I had formed a strange connection with it. I rejoiced when leaves grew on it. I was mesmerized by its beauty even when it didn’t have a single leaf on it.


It was the loudest downpour

I ever heard

It was not water from the heaven above

But it was the roots 

that had loosened their grip 

It was the fall of the Tree

My eyes were moist. I went to see the tree. Touched its trunk and the branches. Also, touched the soft threads of the broken wood.

It was blissful to be in the moment with the tree. I could feel the moment.

Thanks you for teaching a lot, Tree !


Love and Joy and Bliss always…!


Gather them all

Pile them up 

One above the other

Take all the Embarrassment, Shame, Fear, Guilt, Vulnerability 

Take them all

And hug them tight

Just the way you embrace Joy, Love, Affection, Peace

Embrace it all

Day and Night

And then one day,

You may embrace yourself…











Thanks for Reading¬† ! Healing in Progress…!

Right and Wrong of 2018

Firstly, you are told about right and wrong. Your elders tell you this is right and that is wrong.

And then as you grow, you learn from the scholars that there is no right and wrong. It’s just the degree you are more inclined towards on a scale of 1 to 10. Let’s say with one being wrong and 10 being right.

And when you experience Life further, you realise there is nothing right and wrong. It’s all neutral out there. It’s just a matter of perspective. What’s right for you, can be wrong for other and vice- versa.

It’s all about different people having different stories about the same thing. And when you are an empath, the individual frames become quite deep but there is no storyline.

So, just play your favorite song and enjoy !

Have a great 2019. Thank you all for your support in 2018. It meant a lot. Much Love…!


Hottest months of Compassion

The months of May and June, besides being the hottest months , are the months of Compassion, Love and Kindness.


Chabeel being offered on the road


If you see a crowded road or a street; if you see cars, scooters, autos,cycles, buses and what not, lined up all the way; then you know that the chabeel (sweet drink ) is nearby. Every year and every time, I see this, my heart smiles. This selfless act of serving cold and sweet chabeel in this scorching heat is a respite to many. Through such benevolent acts of serving, sharing and giving , we are connecting with our humanness and creating the atmoshphere of love and gratitude.

All of this began after, the sixth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, was tortured in the month of June around 400 years back. He was made to sit on a burning hot iron plate and in boiling water, while hot sand was poured over his body because he had refused to stop preaching his message of God.

It’s his sacrifice that has tranformed into¬†these selfless acts of kindness and service.

May there be more and more of kindness, compassion and gratitude in all of us !!! And we all, always remember, what it means to be human.


Did he or she just reject me ?


Few days back, my Mom and I went to Golden Temple, located in Amritsar, Punjab, India. It is one of the most revered sites for Sikhs and over a lakh people visit it daily.

Golden Temple, Amritsar

Golden Temple has four entrances, depicting the openness towards all people and has a free community kitchen that serves all regardless of any distinction. You will see people from all walks of life there being treated equally. All have to sit on the floor to have to have the meal (langar).

All are equal.

( So why you will be ever rejected? )

On our way back from Amritsar, we had our seats behind a modern young teen couple in the bus. In most part of their journey, they wore their funky glares, and clicked selfies. They were so cute.

Anyway,¬†my mom found the girl very beautiful. When I saw the girl, I found her just normal. When the bus stopped, mom again pointed that how beautiful were her eyes, and I reluctantly said a ‘yes’.

Also, I never really get the fixation people have with eyes. I don’t really see eyes showing any emotions, but I have had¬† quite a few people in my life who have tried to explain to me how eyes speak more than the words that come from the mouth¬†or to say the least convey hidden emotions, but again their words fall on my deaf years, as I haven’t experienced much of it, so I can’t really relate to it. However, I really don’t deny the special traits of the eyes¬† that help us not only¬† in seeing but also projecting the emotions, as many poets and shayars, have spoken about them, written amazing songs on them, so something like this perhaps would exist.

So, coming back to the story, the girl was beautiful not for me but for my mom. I found her just normal.

So did I just reject the girl ?

Beauty is such a personal choice and perspective , not only in terms of physical aspects but also in terms of the internal aspects.

That is why, some people will like ,accept and appreciate the way you are and others might not.

Not every one will see you as a jar of nutella.
Not being beautiful in eyes of someone else will only hurt you, if you have not really liked, accepted and appreciated the way you are.

If you are a person made out of self love, you would be Ok, even if others say you are ‘Ugly’.

And here is why you will feel ‘ Ok ‘,

The elixir is that the definition of beauty varies from person to person. Not being seen as beautiful by someone doesn’t make you any less beautiful.

Just like my mom found the girl to be gorgeous, however for me she was just the simple girl next door. Our perceptions of beauty were different, and the point is if my mom’s and my opinion about her beauty internal or external were shared with the¬†girl, the girl should have remained unperturbed, because it’s just a perception.

Anything that is created by the higher power, in no way is less.

So, how could the girl be any less.

This brings to me the arranged marriage system of the Indian society, especially, the middle class, where people assume that they have a right to choose and reject somebody. Things have changed with modern times, but still I see some cases here and there where things turn up somewhat bad for the girl or the boy’s self esteem if they don’t happen to be the chosen ones. Hysterical.Weird.;! How can someone even think that they have the right to reject other person?

So does this rejection actually happen or we take things in the wrong way??

Most of the times, people actually feel dejected after their rejection  at the so called arranged marriage proposal or you talk about any rejection in relation general.

First of all, the right thing to say is that there is no thing as rejection in a marriage proposal or in a relationship proposal. The only thing is matching. The match was not the right one.

What we need to be aware of is that one is not being rejected or marked with a lifetime tag of undesirable.

It’s just that the definition of beauty, whatever it may be physical, internal, materialistic, of both the parties didn’t match.

Yes.Yes. Yes. This is it. Stop putting the unnecessary burden on yourself of your inadequacy.

I have seen people crying themselves to sleep, just because of this, what they think is their rejection.

It’s only¬†that the definition of beauty of you and the other person,didn’t match. You don’t have to believe that anything was less in you.

Let me say the main point, again , so that whoever needs it( we all need it at some point ), can absorb it fully. ‘ The definition of beauty of both the parties didn’t match. The¬†way the other sees beauty and the way you see¬†beauty is different. It wasn’t something you both were looking for.’
Not being taken¬†after the arranged marriage meeting, doesn’t make you worth less. It’s only the perception difference.

It’s a all a game of perceptions, I may or may not perceive you beautiful and my perception however, good or bad it may be, shouldn’t have the power to¬† make¬† your belief in yourself any less.
Something as fickle as a perception, shouldn’t be able to shake your belief.
Self love is the key that fits in all the locks.

Self love is a daily practice. It is about being aware of how many times one puts oneself down, has self sabotaging thoughts and affirming the thoughts of self love in those very moments.

It’s about learning to give yourself the unconditional love that you seek from others. Yes, love yourself. We all need love and it is all within you. You need not go searching out somewhere. Practice love every single moment. Your world will change for the better, if you just love yourself, you deserve it totally and unconditionally.

You are always beautiful and what others say is just a perception, which will mostly keep on changing.

You can never be rejected. You are pure love, only if you feel that way.

We were all created by the most powerful, how can we be anything less than whole.

We are all accepted only if we accept ourselves.



Thank you for dropping by !And good luck for your journey of Self Love.We are all walking different paths but our paths might cross somewhere. See you there !