Journal One

Some days, you are in control. You are disciplined and there is a routine. Life seems to move in the right direction. You know you are growing , days are useful and you are happy and content with your pace.

And then there are days, you don’t know who is running your life. Where are your days going. You feel directionless. Aimlessly wandering anywhere. It’s not that you don’t have a plan in your mind but somehow it’s not coming into action. You are being swayed without your permission. Seriously, it’s like, I wasted this day also. And unintentionally you esacape again and again from life via binge watching, music, walk and what not and when you come back to reality, then it’s time to sleep baby.

So, why I am writing this? Do I have a solution for this ? Not really. But to say the least, I am atleast aware that reins of my life are no longer in my hand and I want to write it down. Write because such days will always come and I will feel helpless. It’s ok. Writing and awareness will be the first step to get on track. I know a lot seems to be fixed within me and I am trying .Writing always heals me in some way. It is magical sometimes.

Just right now, I am feeling so relieved and I know things will make a little more sense tomorrow.

Adios…Hope we all enjoy the Sunrise and the Sunset…!