Love Your People

I truly know that there are these two things that make this life worth living

Nature and People

So, this one is for the latter one…..

People are very accurately

Placed in our life

To bring us closer to our self

They push the insecurities button in us

Make us uncomfortable

To make us comfortable in our own skin

Someone will speak some gem

A very basic line

That will alter you life

And their love is fathomless

Idiosyncrasies abound

They Motivate at the right time

Are always at the right place

These are the ones who are a big reason

Of our happiness

And are there in the thick and thin

Love Your People

Gratitude Always





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Within a span of few minutes

I saw clouds in all hues

From white to dark grey

And of course, the beautiful  crimson 

And I started reminiscing 

All my walks from the Sun to the Moon

Also have different shades and hues

It’s just that

I am the ‘nature’

who has forgotten its essence.






Thanks for Reading !