Second Guessing

I’m elated today after seeing my improvement. Today, I was in a situation where I had to give a speech. It was an impromptu one. My voice trembled a little bit through the speech. I wouldn’t shy away from saying that I was nervous. I was but it wasn’t nervousness out of fear, more of out of excitement.

Now, coming to the theme of my speech, it was quite different from what others said. When the event got over and I got some time to recapitulate things in my mind, I found myself second guessing my speech. But this time, I didn’t really let it hit me hard. Rather, I just responded to myself by saying ‘ I know that it’s just a pattern of mine, where I doubt my decisions, my work , my opinions etc. ‘ I was aware this time. So, it didn’t affect me much.

Morever, whatever happens, be it good or bad has to happen. It’s how your path is supposed to be. And, that  will make you what you are actually meant to become.

So, go ahead and embrace all days. Also, as said by Rupi Kaur , poet of Indian origin. ‘Healing is a daily process.’







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My Path


I  have seen many lanes 

of all sizes and shapes

being walked on by others

But this path

has been chalked out for me

At the sides of the path

seeds have been sown for me

And plants that are born out of it

comprehend my steps

 And whisper my thoughts to the wind

Wind is my prayer that manifests everything

I no longer find path of any one else alluring

or intimidating

I am happy just walking on my path

Because the soil, the seeds,the plants and the wind

Speak of the life in me so profoundly 

Which no other path could have expressed better

Walking on this path is my calling !












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The Turn


Right now

I am standing at a turn

Unenlightened of the path ahead

I know it’s not the dead end

But I have no longer the vision to see ahead

I just need to trust

and walk a few steps more

Because the moment

I see that path ahead

my excitement is going to fly from the shores

into the waters

And I know, I am going to run the fastest …










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The Chosen Path


I wouldn’t be sad

I wouldn’t blame you

For belittling my path

For you don’t know

What all good I have found here

And how far I have come from my fears

walking on this path

Everytime you say what’s not right about my path

it is a reminder for me to look back

and pay gratitude

‘I chose my own path and got to walk on it . Trust me, not every one gets this chance’

Eternally Blessed…!