Slowing Down

I am slowing down

I no longer need a complete sentence

Just a word is enough to make my spirits high

I can look at a leaf for hours together

and marvel at its creation

I want to know what silence sounds like

I have begun to notice my breathing

I carry the sounds of morning, noon and evening in my backpack

I take my time to wake up

There is no Rush …

I am slowing down

I am slowing down !



This is a totally raw piece, like most of my pieces are. It’s what I am actually doing these days.

Tell me are you in a rush? Or you are slowing down or mishmash of both?



I know

I can’t talk to you

But it isn’t an abyss yet


I still can talk about you



In adversities

When there is no light

I know I can become the light



It is just that

Options can be created

And choices can be made

even when it seems to be a cul-de- sac







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I know the view from the top is breathtaking

But let’s talk about the climb

Shall we?

Let’s reminisce about

the days we are lost

Let’s talk about

the Self doubts we have

after a setback

the demons we face

the courage we show

the failures we embrace

the lessons we learn

Despite the good and the bad

We keep on continuing

Continuing the climb

Let’s talk about the real climbs

that happen not just after the last leap

but all the days and everyday

Let’s talk about the healing this time¬†

Let’s make the process precious.

It’s a general a thought from my side that why do we try to cover up the failures,¬† the flaws, in other words the truth and real. Why can’t we create a place where we talk about these things.

Let’s focus on the healing more than the healed.








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Own it all !

Own it all

Your love for the books

Your love for the solace

Your disciplined outlook

Your eccentricity 

Your introversion 

Your calm 

All your happy and not so happy space

Because when you stop owning

Apparently, no one will handle it with care

Let all of yourself belong to you

Own it all 

Be it good or¬† a bit different from ‘good’








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You haven’t lived my life

You have never been me

You don’t know what comes naturally to me

You don’t know what makes me sweat

So, whatever you have to say

I will listen to it

But will let it go as quickly as I can

Because yours is a perception made in the time of a blink

While it has taken me years to reach where I am

So, I will appreciate all of me always…


We all change differently

in our own unique ways

and the process never stops.

All about life and us is

moving at a pace that is often unpredictable.

So ,there has to be some gravitas,

Something that we do daily

that becomes our anchor

gives us stability,

Just like the roots of a tree

something that holds us

and grounds us

Something that speaks in the same old way with us always

and keeps our sanity alive and things normal…

* For me, it always have to be the scriptures…







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