Fallen Tree

Everyday, I would see it.

Sometimes amazed by it’s structure,  I would gaze at it intently for minutes and at other times, I would just pass by.

I had formed a strange connection with it. I rejoiced when leaves grew on it. I was mesmerized by its beauty even when it didn’t have a single leaf on it.


It was the loudest downpour

I ever heard

It was not water from the heaven above

But it was the roots 

that had loosened their grip 

It was the fall of the Tree

My eyes were moist. I went to see the tree. Touched its trunk and the branches. Also, touched the soft threads of the broken wood.

It was blissful to be in the moment with the tree. I could feel the moment.

Thanks you for teaching a lot, Tree !


Love and Joy and Bliss always…!


We all change differently

in our own unique ways

and the process never stops.

All about life and us is

moving at a pace that is often unpredictable.

So ,there has to be some gravitas,

Something that we do daily

that becomes our anchor

gives us stability,

Just like the roots of a tree

something that holds us

and grounds us

Something that speaks in the same old way with us always

and keeps our sanity alive and things normal…

* For me, it always have to be the scriptures…







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