Own it all !

Own it all

Your love for the books

Your love for the solace

Your disciplined outlook

Your eccentricity 

Your introversion 

Your calm 

All your happy and not so happy space

Because when you stop owning

Apparently, no one will handle it with care

Let all of yourself belong to you

Own it all 

Be it good or  a bit different from ‘good’








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Hold Up

I stay longer than I should in the situations that make me uneasy and uncomfortable. Because it’s me, so it’s fine. I overthink to the point where I am almost on the verge of a headache. All my decisions are made at the last moment. And once the decision is made I wonder if it’s the right one.

Lately, I have been realising I am best at finding faults within me even in the situations where they are none. As you might have inferred by now, I question my own worth most of the times. It is difficult for me to put myself  first. Even after so many years of hearing and listening about self worth, self love , positive affirmations and many more things, there is still a long road ahead. However, I am so proud that I am more aware now trying to stay in my Happy space, keeping a check on my thought patterns and many such things. After all ” Healing is a daily process. ” as quoted by Rupi Kaur.

So, I just wanted to share what I am practising these days is based on one of my observations. When I see any of my family members going through some physical discomfort or any problem in their life, I support them fully going out of my comfort zone always. I put their priorities and need at the top always. It comes naturally. You can say, I am willing to speak and stand for them. But this doesn’t happen when it is about me.

So, lately when I am in a situation where I am like backing off by saying that it’s all fine, I start imagining that there is an inner child in me who needs my support and I need to stand and support her. This gives me the courage to do things by stepping out of my comfort zone for her. And this has helped me in some situations. Try doing it for the Inner Child who unconsciously and unintentionally got neglected when you were young. Give her the Love that she deserver.

Since now you know better, so do better…






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Remember, how all the things are just going smoothly in your life, all is well in your paradise until someone tells how they got this new job with a package triple than yours or when someone just casually remarks that you know you could have done better and then all these thoughts of that other person give a migraine to you. Relatable anyone?

Comparison can only hurt when you are insecure about your space.

For instance, there are times when you feel intimidated rather than feeling happy for people earning more than you or may be people who are looking better than you.

Just repeating it now,

Comparison can only hurt when you are insecure about your space.

Just think what it’s like to come from a place that is secure. Whatever you earn, whatever you do, whatever you feel, these are all your choices, isn’t it fantastic? This is your world, make it your happy space. It’s all about feeling content with what you have and then looking out for better prospects because your world is ever expanding.

It’s not about money, looks or even for that matter the status a person has rather it’s about the quality of life that one leads.

Your friend might be earning 1 Lakh a month and you must be only earning 20k, but you can’t berate yourself for this.  First things first, you should be feeling happy when people around you are growing . It’s good. And secondly, you should be secure about your world and be in a happy space. Even if you earn 20k , you should own it proudly. You are happy in your own world, say it loudly and proudly. (Money and  looks are so overrated and the quality of life is so underrated .)

I know, it is easier written than observed in life. As quoted by the famous poet Rupi Kaur ‘Healing is a daily process’, so  you need to repeat it to yourself many times before it actually gets absorbed by your brain.

Just think how happy and content you are when not comparing because your world is a very secure,ever growing and a very happy place.

Feel proud of your world and you will be inspiring so many.









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Fixing the Present

Few days or months might have passed since the incident but now you feel sad for responding in that particular way at that time.

Think of the situation, where you feel like you weren’t able to express nicely or you should have replied a ‘Yes’ instead of a ‘No’ or you shouldn’t have expressed your feelings at all…







Just for you to know, it was the best you could have responded , according to your feelings , mood and situation,  at that time.

Now, you are in a different space altogether, so you may feel the response could have been something different. But no, you couldn’t have responded in a better way then. So, go easy on yourself. It has been all good in the past.

Probably, your present thought pattern of resentment, regret or frustration about that incident requires more fixing. Back then it all was perfect.








Thanks for reading.  It’s just how I feel. I am not sure if I can endorse this for everyone out there.

You Impact !

You Impact !

It might sound bizarre to most.

Aren’t are lives just normal and ordinary? How can ordinary impact?

You might even have to say, ‘I don’t even get these many likes on my picture.’

But you know what, you do Impact!

Because someone out there sees how unperturbed  you are by the numbers and the likes. This is what he loves about you. So, don’t compare yourself with big influencers and get saddened because you, my friend, are a part of the group that believes size of the audience doesn’t matter. So, keep on doing what you love and also know that someone out there loves what you do. (not that his admiration should become your driving force but you are definitely adding value to someone’s life and also learning from someone at the same time  )

Someone is always looking up to you. They are learning something from you ,like,  may be how comfortable you are in your skin (handling body shaming ) or how you prefer staying with your family more than chasing those bucks  ( not everyone makes such choice) or someone must be observing the little steps that you are taking towards your goal.

So, the point is your life will always connect with someone. Someone will find it relatable. Someone will respect your choices. There will always be admirers of your ideas and of anything that you bring onto the table of life. But for our better or worst, these messages of admiration reach us not that often. Anyway, however you are faring in your life, just know ,there is always someone who is looking up to you.

So, whichever path you are choosing, walk it blissfully and with pride, because someone out there has his eyes on you.

And, you wouldn’t like to disappoint your admirer by berating or just not valuing that path of yours.

Anyway, you are the creation of the Creator how can you not Impact…!









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Sometimes it’s purposelessness

and at the others

it’s a philosphy 

that I lead  my life with it

Though there is a routine that gets to you every now and then, yet unintentionally or intentionally there is a philoshphy that we all follow to have a direction of where each day and to sum it up, our life is heading to and also, to keep ourselves in sane.

There are numerous philosophies, I have lived my life by till now. The choice of it depends on who you are , what you are looking for and is also largely driven, by situations around you.

Learning how to live in the present moment surfaces up after every few days as Mindfulness is something that I have actually forgotten, so ‘ Now ‘ has definitely come to the forefront.

Then , there is ‘ Love Yourself ‘, ‘ Know your worth ‘. I have always have had self- esteem issues . And, somehow I had always got that wrong as I tried to prove my worth to others, whereas the one needed to be assured of my worth was me.

Sometimes, fitness comes on the wheel. I know, it should be a regular thing, but yeah, in my life there is a zone, when I am into walking and running ( I love walking )and other days  ‘we are not friends anymore’ tag lines rules my days.

There are Days where you just go by the flow.  I would say ‘Acceptance‘ is the word. You don’t push hard, you don’t drool over the perfect outcome. You are just working, learning, growing and have left the future to the Universe. ‘Acceptance’ is very liberating at times, especially, when things are not going on as planned.

Gratitude‘ should always be there of whatever life is offering you. If you think a bit harder, things could have possibly been worser than now. But they aren’t ‘now’ .So, thank you. I believe the ‘lows’ have their own charm, that we only realise, when we are sharing the stories of our ‘low’ during our ‘high’ times.

The times when you live your writing. You wrote that piece, and just that moment when you find the right words, and you stop for few moments to savour what just happened. That bliss. Yeah, that’s unmatchable. So, yeah love or passion driven.

The day when you become your own observer. Not reacting but responding. Observing, why did you feel that way and you know learning about your traits even more. I will be turning 25 now, and I am still getting revelations about myself. ‘Oh that’s me , I am an empath and that’s why I feel drained at times. And sweat the small stuff’  , discovering more and more things about myself as I live my day.

‘ How important it is to be kind and helping. ‘ Being kind and polite in today’s world could be a bit overwhelming at times. Sometimes, you are surprised by the way others reciprocate kindness and sometimes you are let down. Just be kind and don’t expect anything. Don’t let the kind of response, you are getting, make you less kind. As I would like to say, ‘Being kind is the new strong.’

Sometimes, it’s about ‘Books‘ or ‘Series’. You live your life according to the book that you are reading. Since, I am into Self-Help books so the kind of book I am reading and if I feel connected the philosphy of that book will start playing in my life and if I find it helpful, it will stay even after the book has finished.

Interactions. There is a time when I make an effort to get in touch with old friends, like then interacting with them becomes my focus. Being an introvert, as I am happy in my own space, but yeah, there is zone when you have lingered alone for too long and then all of a sudden, you want to get chirpy.

So, the list is endless. May be I will continue it on some other post. I hope atleast some of you may find it relatable. Also, I would like to know, what’s your current philosphy?

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Tiny steps

Something pinched my ego yet again.

So many times, I have repeated this lesson (related to the situation)with myself, yet evertime I forget what I learnt and end up in pain and sadness. My mood changes at the drop of a hat, when something clashes with my pretentious layers.

However, the good part is something is shifting in me. Ofcourse, the lesson is learnt by my mind every single time my false self gets hurt and the lesson has a permanent residence in the conscious part of the brain now. (It’s been years since I have been repeating the lesson.) However, the lesson was not absorbed by the soul and the heart. But now, I see it making its way into the heart and  soul. It has started taking tiny steps. And, I am quite elated.What would earlier take days to heal, now heals in a span of some hours and even minutes.

I am in all gratitude for getting such situations, again and again. (Such situations don’t please me, but I know, they are vital, for me to be what I have to be). Because, I know, soon the essence of the lesson will be the part of my heart and soul.

Yes, Journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step and I am glad, that I have been walking some steps not that frequently, but yes, occasionally.

Yes, the tiny steps.

Yes, yes, Healing is a daily process.



One and only


Tears welled up in her eyes

as she stared at me in anguish

Warm tears rolled down my eyes,

affirming how deeply Sorry I was,

seeing her hurt and scathed

I knew,

I  hardly held her hand tightly,

losing parts of her everywhere

I knew,

I had cheated on her

by giving her anything less than what she truly deserved

She deserved the garden and its feathers

I knew,

I had failed to put the armor on,

when she longed to safeguard her heart and feelings,

she gave too much

and now,

the emptiness flowed in her heart

Warm tears rolled down

her cheeks,

as she screamed ,

You were the only one 

I could count on’


#self love






Blessed !


I have freed myself
from the desire

The perpetual desire
of having
flowers of your appreciation                    that smell attention

I no longer                                                      desire your flowers                                      to validate and assure me                          of my worth

The perpetual desire left me                      but how

It left me


I blessed myself with a flower
was rooted in the soil of my worthiness grew in the sunshine of my love
bloomed in the air of acceptance

I became my own flower.


Grief in my friend’s smile

His presence

brought her to see the city unknown

His charm

made her twirl on the beats of his heart

His eyes

captivated her happiness

His smile

appeased her restlessness

His talks

echoed in her silence

His love

infested her heart

She was ignorant to the perspicuous

And, we, her friends, could sense his conspicuous perfidiousness

Years have passed,

Our meetings are nothing but a seance

where we try to contact the dead

‘liveliness’ of our friend

Hope is all we got. Hope.




When I met her, she was the most chirpy person, who lived and cared  deeply. She lost herself in a relation. She gave away too much and drifted away from herself. She is fine now. But every time she smiles, I feel her concealed grief and that breaks my heart. I just hope she sees the abundant love in and around her and this realisation would be her salvation.