You’re the owner

There is abundance that is offered by the universe but it’s us who don’t know how to receive it.

While looking at the worlds of other people, we make attempts to fit into the standards of their world, forgetting the fact that we have our own world as well, so why settle for a share of someone else’s.

And why it is…?

Here are few lines……

Trying to impress always,

Why and where are you trying to fit in?

There is no place you can fit in

Check your heart

A letter sent by the Universe reads

‘You own the place already’

Whoever is trying to fit in is

Anyone but you

It’s an inauthentic version of you

Your authentic self rightfully owns

all of it already







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Let it go

Let it go

Before it drains

every ounce of happiness out of you

Before you regret

to have held  so long

Before you feel worn out

because of its burden on that mind of yours 

Learn your lesson

And move ahead

Perhaps, you may need to repeat the lesson again

But as of now ,

move away from the space 

Let it go

Go to your happy space 

that’s where you belong

Learn to end your night

And begin your dawn

You can save yourself







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