Thinking of the outcome

my heart starts racing

It pains a little

in the centre of my chest

when I try to fathom

what it will be like

on the other side of the present

But what astonishes me is that

The other side of the present

will just be the next present

I will still have

the same feelings and emotions

I will still have the same struggles

may be a little bit better ones

With each passing day,

I am learning to surrender

Surrender through my prayer

Perhaps things will always show up

in the same form

But what Prayer shows us is

that we aren’t  meant to show up in the same form all the time

Dropping of excess baggage of pains and fears

is a daily process

Surrender all through the prayers

Afterall, there is nothing that yours in the world,

Not even the outcome…!






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Bout with Surrender


They both

put the blame

on each other

But I was the witness,

I knew,

neither of them was wrong,

the situation was.

The maladaptive  form


if one is right

then the other has to be wrong

is so deeply engrained in our system

that we cannot come to fact with the term

that at times

no one is wrong

everyone is right

it’s just that

the situation is playing games with us

I tried elucidating the matter to both of them

but something mystic

made all  my sentences incoherent

I felt so helpless

What could I do?

How could I do?

When could I do?

I surrendered.

For sure,

I and they have lessons to learn

Once, we learn them,

may be,

my sentences will become


may be,

they will understand each other

,or may be , 

I will lose 

another bout

to Surrender

as there might be

something more to learn.







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