I didn’t know there was someone more nervous than me, when I was leaving my hometown for the first time, until recently when she shared it with me.

‘ I got a severe headache, and was unable to sleep. I was anxious and nervous galore. I was wondering how would you survive in the town where you knew no one. But all my fears were dispelled when I started chanting the sacred verses.’, said my grandmother.

Her belief in the higher power, makes her stronger to set us free.


I fared goodbye to all family members, and when I hugged her the last time before leaving, while unwrapping my arms, I noticed she was on the verge of crying. She showered some blessings onto me, and I noticed that her tears had made up their way into her voice. Tears welled up in my eyes, I avoided her gaze, and quickly ran towards the taxi. I couldn’t cry in front of her.

She had set me free in her world; This was the beginning, she had set herself free from us.







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One and only


Tears welled up in her eyes

as she stared at me in anguish

Warm tears rolled down my eyes,

affirming how deeply Sorry I was,

seeing her hurt and scathed

I knew,

I  hardly held her hand tightly,

losing parts of her everywhere

I knew,

I had cheated on her

by giving her anything less than what she truly deserved

She deserved the garden and its feathers

I knew,

I had failed to put the armor on,

when she longed to safeguard her heart and feelings,

she gave too much

and now,

the emptiness flowed in her heart

Warm tears rolled down

her cheeks,

as she screamed ,

You were the only one 

I could count on’


#self love






Not about me !


My frowns and tears

even after so many years

fail to assimilate that

it’s not always about me

Yes, it’s not  about me

I have to play a role

that is

not only aligned

with my calling

but also paves the way for the rest

to get closer to their calling

I have to lose my certainties and securities


everything that’s happening

is not about me

It’s about something much bigger than me